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Roger Ebert: Social Critic

Ryan Dunn’s Death: Roger Ebert Not Finished Tweeting Yet – Hollywood Reporter

Hours after offering a bit of a mea culpa over his controversial Ryan Dunn tweet, Roger Ebert was still tweeting about the Jackass star’s death. …

“I should clarify: Anyone who drinks and drives is a jackass,” he tweeted Tuesday. “That included me in my drinking days. Some are lucky enough to find sobriety.”

Roger Ebert

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Vancouver Riots 2011 – Photo of Couple Kissing at Vancouver Riots – Esquire

Certainly the greatest photo from Wednesday night, and maybe ever.

This better not have been staged

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A Tweet Deal

Malaysian to tweet apology 100 times in defamation deal – Yahoo! News

Fahmi Fadzil said he tweeted…that a pregnant friend of his had been treated badly by her employers at Female Magazine.

The magazine’s lawyers threatened legal action and a settlement was reached in March, taking the resolution to the Internet because Fahmi could not afford to take out newspaper advertisements.

Malaysian to tweet apology 100 times in defamation ...

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Member of Congress

WASHINGTON - MAY 31:  U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Weinergate: Congressman Claims ‘Facebook Hacked’ as Lewd Photo Hits Twitter – Big Government

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY 9″) finds himself in a late night online pickle.

Slightly NSFW picture after the jump:

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Indymedia.com is now on Twitter

Join us for the adventure of discovery or frustration, depending on if you like the new media or not.


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