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Thorium: A Reminder

Too Good to Leave on the Shelf – May 2010 Issue

molten salt reactors could actually deliver on nuclear power’s long-heralded promise of cheap and limitless energy.

Too Good to Leave on the Shelf - Technicians working on graphite core of MSR experiment

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The New Alternative Fuel

Thorium challenges nuclear norm | The Tennessean | tennessean.com

The thorium community recognizes that the continuing disaster at Fukushima, Japan, is the wake-up call for a change in technology going forward, and we believe that it should be TMSR technology.

<cutline><HA,4,203>TVA's Watts Bar nuclear plant runs on conventional solid radioactive fuel. Advocates for thorium molten salt reactors say their core cannot melt down, and is designed to shut down automatically in an emergency.<HA,4,0><cutline_credit> <HA,4,200></cutline_credit></cutline>

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Thorium Energy Talk at MRU

YouTube – Kirk Sorensen @ MRU on Liquid Thorium Fluoride Reactors

It’s an hour and 37 minutes and not quite Entertainment Tonight, but worth the time.

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India: Raising the Minimum Deterrent

India may expand nuclear program, says top adviser – Syndey Morning Herald

Thorium also is mentioned.

Some analysts say Pakistan has the fastest growing nuclear arsenal in the world. There are fears this will force India to increase its stockpile and trigger a fresh nuclear arms race in the volatile south Asia region.

… But Dr Kalam, who is here as a guest of Sydney University, has urged Australia to co-operate with India in the development of nuclear reactors that use thorium instead of uranium to produce electricity.

Dr Kalam ... "strength respects strength".
Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam … “strength respects strength”. Photo: Peter Rae

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Thor’s Nuclear Hammer

Thorium: Thor’s hammer in nuclear power – baltimoresun.com

The silvery metal could be — by some estimates, it already is — the next big leap in reactors, the fuel that could give the stalled nuclear renaissance a post-Fukushima boost.


Your Box Office Explained: Who Thor's Hammer Connected With

Photo via Vulture/NYmag.com

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