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Paying For Your Neighbors’ Solar Panels

Solar power adds to nonusers’ costs – SFGate.

Hey California. Guess who’s paying for your neighbor to put “free” solar panels on their roof? That’s right. You. Subsidies and higher utility bills suck money out of your pocket so the guy next door can feel better.

Power companies in California are required to buy electricity from residents and businesses with solar generator systems at the same price they resell it to other customers, meaning utilities earn nothing to cover their fixed costs. Photo: Sam Hodgson, Bloomberg / SF

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Corn Pwned

Thank the Tea Party for the End of the Ethanol Tax Credit – Conor Friedersdorf – Politics – The Atlantic.

As early as last July, he added, a poll of likely Iowa caucus-goers revealed something pleasantly surprising: “When asked specifically which they would be more likely to support, a candidate who supports ethanol subsidies because they are important to the Iowa economy, or a candidate who opposes them because they want to get spending under control, caucus goers prefer the candidate who opposes ethanol subsidies by a margin of 56 percent to 31 percent.”

corn fields.jpg

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No, Bill, The Green Movement needs a Clue

Ex-President Clinton: Green movement needs money: The Associated Press

“This has to work economically,” he said. “You have to come up with the money on the front end.”

It has to work economically before anyone will willingly give you money on the front end.

AP Photo

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