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Pot Meet Kettle

Largest Donor to Obama Super PAC Calls Mormonism a ‘Cult’ | The Weekly Standard.

Okay, so Bill Maher gave $1 million to the Obama Super PAC. It takes cult power to get anyone to donate that kind of money to anything, and Maher appears to be a charter member of the cult of Obama. And refusing to accept that donations to the Mormon church are charity is an indictment of charity in general. Most charities are based on or affiliated with religious groups. Why single out Mormons? Why not attack Catholics or any other religious group that has a charitable program? And how would Maher know that Obama is well-endowed or is that just his fantasy? I sense some longing there.

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Green Crap

When Wall Street Makes Crap Loans, It’s a Crisis; When DOE’s Steven Chu Does It, It’s Green Energy. – Hit & Run : Reason Magazine.

… when it comes to lending standards and the vilification of private financial institutions processing mortgages that were either backed or bought up by government-sponsored enterprises, the Obama admin is firmly in the “do as we say, not as we do” camp…

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Bill Maher Flushes a Million Dollars Down the Toilet

Bill Maher donates a million dollars to Obama ‘super PAC’ – latimes.com.

On Thursday, Maher told his audience that the million dollars he was donating was “the wisest investment I think I could make.”

Oh, really. A lot of people who will never make a million dollars over their lifetime would probably disagree. He’s certainly living up to the “CrazyStupid” part of his comedy show. If he has enough money lying around that he can simply toss a million of it away, that says a lot more about his financial priorities than his politics. A fool and his money…

Bill Maher

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Super PAC Man

Senior Obama campaign officials defend president’s embrace of super PAC | The Ticket – Yahoo! News.

When the Supreme Court ruled in 2010 that private organizations, including corporations and unions, could spend unlimited amounts of money on political speech, President Obama decried the decision, warning that it amounted to a “threat to our democracy.” Two years later, the Obama campaign has announced that with the president’s blessing, it will support a pro-Obama super PAC–a creation of that very ruling–to received unlimited donations from individuals, corporations and unions for the 2012 presidential campaign.

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Tee Bagging the President

Power Play Video- Thune: “Best Way To Get an Appointment With the President is to Set Up a Tee Time” – FoxNews.com

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