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China Syndrome Redux: Beijing Looking to Lead the Way with Thorium

China shows the world nuclear can be safe — RT

…they are pouring millions of dollars into Thorium research … In doing so, they may also be showing the rest of the world a new path to clean energy.

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Thorium: A Reminder

Too Good to Leave on the Shelf – May 2010 Issue

molten salt reactors could actually deliver on nuclear power’s long-heralded promise of cheap and limitless energy.

Too Good to Leave on the Shelf - Technicians working on graphite core of MSR experiment

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Thorium Energy Talk at MRU

YouTube – Kirk Sorensen @ MRU on Liquid Thorium Fluoride Reactors

It’s an hour and 37 minutes and not quite Entertainment Tonight, but worth the time.

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Bill Gates: Disrupting Nuclear Power

Bill Gates: The good thing about nuclear power is its lack of innovation | VentureBeat













Gates is almost getting it right. Just get off the traveling wave and step into liquid.

via Energy From Thorium

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