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Wind Folly

Wind farms aren’t just a blight, they’re a folly – Telegraph

It’s bad enough that these turbines spoil the landscape, but they don’t even work…

Wind farms aren't just a blight, they're a folly; The Scout Moor Wind Farm in the South Pennines; Getty

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Thorium Energy Talk at MRU

YouTube – Kirk Sorensen @ MRU on Liquid Thorium Fluoride Reactors

It’s an hour and 37 minutes and not quite Entertainment Tonight, but worth the time.

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Thorium: Theory Into Practice

Washington, D.C.: Third TEA Conference: Theory Into Practice « Energy from Thorium

While previous conferences have focused on the theory of thorium power, and on educating a skeptical or ignorant public on the possibilities of a nuclear power industry based around cheap, safe and abundant thorium, this one was focused more on practice: on solving the actual challenges ahead for building thorium power plants. 

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Post-Quake Tokyo: Slightly Darker

via Pink Tentacle

music : Sounds From The Past by mindthings

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