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Results In: Wishful thinking is not Bulletproof

‘Safe Passage’ routes put to test amid more shootings – Chicago Sun-Times.

CPS has designated 'Safe Passage' routes with yellow signs before school opens Monday.  |  Alex Wroblewski~Sun-Times

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Super Bowl bust: U.S. government seizes 307 domains for violating NFL copyrights | Technology News Blog – Yahoo! News.

The seizure was conducted under U.S. civil law, not criminal law. That means the affected parties need to prove that the internet domains were not engaging in illegal activity to get them back — an ugly mirror image of the country’s usual “innocent until proven guilty” right. Many of the domains were not being operated by U.S. groups. Because they used U.S. domain suffixes .net, .com, and .org, however, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency was empowered to act.

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Laissez-Faire Trade

Is insider trading really a crime? – CSMonitor.com

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