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Smart Alec Computer

Obama code-named ‘smart alec’ in Britain – Yahoo! News

Scotland Yard insiders told the Sunday Times that codewords are randomly generated by computer, “but the paper wondered why officials decided to stick with them, when they could have simply had another word selected that would be less provocative,” the paper notes.

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ISP: Internet Service Pirates

World’s First Pirate ISP Launches In Sweden | TorrentFreak

After taking over the supply of bandwidth to The Pirate Bay, Piratpartiet will now partner in the launch of Pirate ISP, a new broadband service that will offer anonymity to customers and provide financial support to the Party.


photo and related article via Techtree.com – Sweden’s Pirate ISP to Host Torrent Treasury

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Mr. and Mrs. Smite

A Couple’s Dueling Pranks Score Big | Magazine

In the two years since Baker posted the first video, the couple’s antics—all involve revenge pranks—have garnered 17 million YouTube views and have been reposted elsewhere to the tune of a staggering 43 million views.

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Greece and the Euro Zone

Is There Any Hope for Greece’s Debt Problem? – Room for Debate – NYTimes.com

Greece austerity measures
City workers in Athens protesting against austerity plans on May 18.

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FBI Poker Night

Cops Chase Terrorists, Catch Poker Players – Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

…loads of public money and two years of surveillance allowed FBI and Seattle PD investigators to nab (a) four poker players, (b) some unrelated drug dealers, and (c) an activist pressured by an undercover cop into showing up at a drug deal.

Along with the abuses to our civil liberties, there’s a fiscal angle:

Here’s a little more math about the public resources that this investigation sucked up. According to documents acquired by The Stranger, during May and June of 2008, [undercover agent] Bryan [Van Brunt] showed up to play cards at [activist/target] Rick [Wilson]‘s apartment eight times. For those eight card games (i.e., eight police shifts for Bryan), the investigation paid for 112 shifts by supporting officers…

Cheese it! The cops!

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The Worlds First Video Game

Missile Command 1.0: This Video Game Was Made in the 1940s – Gizmodo

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Between Passive and Agressive

Netanyahu’s make-or-break speech to Congress – CSMonitor.com

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Tepco Photo Roundup: Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant

報道配布 写真・動画ダウンロード|TEPCOニュース|東京電力


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Conan vs Camelot

Big Hollywood » Blog Archive » Rosie O’Donnell: ‘This Republican Guy’ Arnold Has No Right to the Kennedy Legacy

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